DSA Alumni Spotlight: Silvana Crespo Talks Working at Her Alma Mater

High school is often known to be the best four years of your life. The rollercoaster of ups and downs prepares you for the challenge that is college, and college for the struggle that is finding a job in a metropolitan city like Miami. But in this special case, Silvana Crespo didn’t follow the society norms. Ms. Crespo is now the Activities Coordinator for Divine Savior Academy, the same high school she attended.

After three years attending here, she was part of the second graduating class of Divine Savior. She then attended the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida, and majored in Political Science. After graduation, Ms. Crespo came back to DSA, this time as the Activities Coordinator. One of the major changes Ms. Crespo had to adapt to working with the teachers who once taught her. “It was strange, they all asked me to call them by their first name,” she says with a chuckle. But there were also positives to this. Ms. Crespo states that it helped her skip the awkward stage when coming to a new job. She already knew most of the staff, so asking for help or advice was not a problem.

Another positive outcome Ms. Crespo gained from this experience was watching the school develop over time. Ms. Crespo clearly remembers that in her graduating class, they had a total of only 22 students. Which seems like a small number compared to this year’s graduating class, which is more than triple the size. She also mentioned that there are a lot more teachers and more clubs. “When we started there were only 2 clubs, now, there’s a club for almost everything!” 

What made Ms. Crespo want to come back to DSA is the environment. The DSA family would definitely be the reason that made me want to come back. She also mentioned how comfortable DSA makes her feel. Out of this amazing experience, she gained a greater faith in the Lord and a greater appreciation for education and educators.

Written By: Student Journalist, Regina Avendano

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