DSA-Doral Announces New Building Expansion Project

Divine Savior Academy - Doral Campus new building expansion of fine arts and worship center.

We have big news for the DSA-Doral Campus! 

A brand new building expansion project was announced by Pastor Carlos Leyrer, President of Divine Savior Ministries. In the video announcement, he shared, “This summer, right behind me, construction will begin on our new Worship & Ministry center!” 

What does this new facility include? 

  • Increased seating capacity
  • Stage size more than double the current one
  • Latest audio visual technology
  • Private chapel open to all
  • Offices of Divine Savior Church – Doral pastors and staff
  • Programs for families throughout the week

Like our current auditorium and worship center, it will be a multi-purpose space for Divine Savior Academy chapel, fine arts, and for Divine Savior Church services and programs. 

This will be a great place for DSA-Doral school families to…

  • Watch a play
  • Listen to a piano recital
  • Enjoy a concert
  • Worship God during school chapel and church services 

The Doral Campus team is working hard to start construction this summer with the hopes of dedicating this new space in early 2022. 

As the project continues, there will be some logistical changes on the Doral campus. However, the administration is working hard to minimize their impact and will keep you informed throughout the process. 

“In every way, this is going to enhance our worship and our arts on this campus. We thank God for this new opportunity. We’re just really excited to see what this will do for our Divine Savior Family.”

– Pastor Carlos Leyrer

To learn more about fine arts at Divine Savior Academy, please visit our website: https://divinesavioracademy.com/fine-arts-program.aspx.
For more information on Divine Savior Church – Doral, check out their website here: https://divinesaviorchurch.com/dscdor/.

Pastor Carlos Leyrer Announces New Building Expansion for Fine Arts & Worship
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