More Than an Education – We Build a Strong Foundation for Life

Journey of a DSA Student from early childhood, elementary, middle, and high school.

At Divine Savior Academy, we believe that a strong foundation is what gives children endless possibilities for their future. Our curriculum is designed to prepare the whole student for college and beyond!

Our curriculum is designed to prepare the whole student for college and beyond!

Starting from the first year a student joins one of our academies, we are intentional about partnering with parents to develop their children inside and outside the classroom. The goal of the DSA Student Journey is to take students on an educational journey and them as confident, caring, college-prepared students.

Read through each stage of the DSA Student Journey below to learn more about how we prepare students for college and beyond!

It is important to note that DSA has four campuses. Each one is a little different (just like children), but the elements shared below are true to every DSA experience.

Early Childhood

Your child starts their journey in a research based, developmentally-appropriate program. They learn foundational life skills in all areas of development: social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and spiritual. Examples are problem solving, critical thinking, independence, cooperation, and collaboration with peers.

Highlights at this stage include:

  • Play-based learning
  • Social learning
  • Exploratory learning
  • Tailored to support individual needs
  • Partnership with parents
  • Family events like: holiday parties, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, parent workshops, and more
  • Learn about Jesus’ love through weekly Bible stories

Elementary School

Your child moves to inquiry-based learning, where their exploration has turned into wonder, investigation, and expression. They read, write, and go deeper into STEM, literacy, social studies, and more. The goal is for students to leave elementary as conscientious lifelong learners.

Highlights at this stage include:

  • Enrichment classes: art, music, and world languages
  • Moderate technology integrations: computer labs, iPad cards, and interactive SMART boards
  • Experiences like: field trips, art and science fairs, spelling bees, talent shows, competitive chess, drama productions, and more
  • Learn to model Jesus’ love through service and actions

Middle School

Your child applies all the foundational life skills and inquiry-based learning principles to become confident independent learners! A big focus at this age is building self-esteem and healthy relationships. The goal of middle school is to prepare students for a successful transition to high school.

Highlights at this stage include:

  • Clubs & leadership lessons
  • Students learn to advocate for themselves
  • Parent support and workshops helping you raise your teen
  • Advanced course options begin
  • Choose electives
  • Career exploration & college counseling begins
  • Live faith through helping plan service projects

High School

Your child is in their final and most independent stage at DSA. College counseling is a big part of these 4 years. Tailored plans are made together by the students, parents, and school. The goal is to strengthen their identity, leadership, and real world skills before they leave for college and the rest of their lives.

Highlights at this stage include:

  • Rigorous college-prep academics plus advanced offerings such as AP, Honors, and Dual Enrollment
  • Diploma endorsements based on strengths and interests like Business, IT, Mass Media, Science, and more
  • Required Senior Capstone Project that includes active research and academic writing
  • Leadership roles and volunteer opportunities in clubs, sports, mission trips, and service projects
  • Mature in Christian identity and live out their values

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