Meet Santiago: Divine Savior Academy Alum & MIT Graduate

Meet Santiago, Divine Savior Academy-Doral Campus alum and ambitious MIT graduate. Three years ago, DSA visited Santiago in Cambridge, Massachusetts to film an alumni story about his college experience. Back then, Santiago was finishing up his last year at MIT, with plans of continuing to a Google residency program after graduating. This summer, we were able to catch up with Santiago again to see how things have changed since he graduated from MIT in 2019.

College Life

When we filmed Santiago’s original alumni story, he was a senior at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He studied computer science and told us about the rigorous classes and curriculum at MIT. Outside of school and studying, he also enjoyed student life and the city of Boston. He joined the 45% of MIT undergraduates in Greek life by rushing with Phi Kappa Theta. But, he didn’t just stay in Boston to complete his goals―he acquired internships in NYC from companies like Goldman Sachs.

High School at DSA

There was so much excitement and talk about Santiago’s future, but he also recognized the foundation that got him to where he was. His family was a great support, and also the education he received from DSA. Santiago shared, “Academically, the strongest thing coming from DSA was my writing. That made it easy for a lot of the required humanities classes freshman year of college, or later on when I took more technical writing classes at MIT.”

A large part of the high school experience at Divine Savior Academy is preparing students for college-level writing and presenting. Academic writing is at the heart of all core classes at our Academy, not just in the English classrooms. The ability to express ideas, learning, and conclusions is the culmination of critical thinking and active research.

“Academically, the strongest thing coming from DSA was my writing. That made it easy for a lot of the required humanities classes freshman year, or later on taking more technical writing classes.”

Santiago with his family at his DSA-Doral Campus High school graduation in 2015.

Where is he now in 2021?

Since 2018, Santiago has graduated from MIT with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering. He currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California. He is working as a Software Engineer for Google at YouTube for the Rights Management team, which focuses on scaling copyright legal compliance with speed and precision. In his free time, Santiago enjoys hiking around local parks in the Bay Area. The ambitious DSA alum is also working with his housemates to develop their own startup company. It is Santiago’s goal to be the founder of his own company one day.

We are so proud of all that Santiago has accomplished educationally, professionally, and personally! Our DSA alumni are always part of the Divine Savior Family.

Santiago on a hiking trip to Yosemite in 2021.

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