Meet Lala: Divine Savior Academy Alum & NYU Graduate

Alumni Photo DSA Lala Crespo

Meet Lala, Divine Savior Academy-Doral Campus alum and NYU graduate. Three years ago, DSA visited Lala in New York City to film an alumni story about her college experience. This past summer, we were able to catch up with Lala again to see how things have changed since she graduated from NYU in 2020.

College Life

When we filmed Lala’s original alumni story, she was a junior at New York University in the College of Arts and Sciences. She was pursuing a bachelor’s degree in political science and a minor in history. Besides the excellent college experience, she told us what she enjoyed about going away to school in NYC was exploring the city that never sleeps, indulging in the diverse food scene, and sipping on matcha tea. She loved it there!

Looking Back at High School

When the discussion turned to reflecting on how DSA gave her a strong foundation to build on, she mentioned that, “DSA was a school that cared about me as a whole, from the principal to the teachers to the receptionist— everyone gets to know you on a personal level. That helps them tailor your education.” The strong relationship built between Lala and her teachers at DSA, made it easy for her to reach out to her university professors at NYU when she needed support or had questions. Lala was confident to advocate for herself!

At Divine Savior, we believe in giving our students not just a foundation for college and future education opportunities, but their entire lives. To do this, we nurture all areas of a student’s development: academic, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Our teachers and administrators are special. They have dedicated their lives to Christian Education and it shows in everything they do. From high academic standards to proactive communication with parents to the individualized attention they give each student, our teachers demonstrate their dedication every day.

Lala and Network 58 teammates attending the FSPA District 6 Journalism Day it FIU-2014

Advice for Students at DSA

Lala also had great advice for current high school students based on what she experienced in college. “I would definitely urge students to develop good study skills during this time where classes are small and you have a greater support system. When you start college you might have classes where your entire grade depends on two exams and it becomes overwhelming fast. DSA has so many resources that help and guide you — take advantage!

“The small classes at Divine Savior helped me prepare for the seminar-styled classes at NYU.”

-Lala, DSA Alum

Divine Savior’s high school program teaches students to work independently and interdependently to meet the demands of today’s connected world. As a community of learners, students are given the opportunities to collaborate and explore in both small and large group settings. Simultaneously, students are encouraged to think for themselves, choose class loads that meet their individual needs, and set personal goals as they work their way towards graduation. Ultimately, Divine Savior students leave with the tools they need to thrive in college and beyond!

Where is Lala now in 2021?

Since our original alumni interview in 2018, Lala has graduated from NYU with a Bachelor of Arts in Politics. For a short period after college, she returned to Miami and worked at her alma mater! DSA was blessed to have Lala not only be a part of our DSA student community but to have her be a part of our faculty as a College Counseling Coordinator. Today, she lives back in New York City and works at Goldman Sachs within Commodities. Lala has embraced the NYC culture and is now an avid Citi biker. She also loves to bake and cook in her free time.

Our DSA alumni will always be part of the Divine Savior Family. We are so proud of all that Lala has accomplished educationally, professionally, and personally. And we pray that the best is yet to come for her!

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